Elements of Drawing

Every Thursday, 27 February - 2 April 2020   |   1pm - 3.30pm   |   £75.00   |   St Matthew's Church, NR1 4JA

This 6-week course is intended as an exploratory ‘dipping into’ the fundamentals of drawing (line, tone, colour, composition, perspective, and the imagination). Each session is a ‘stand alone’ concentrating on one element of drawing at a time, although you will be encouraged to utilise previous weeks’ learning as you go along. This approach will help to build and consolidate connections between all the main elements of drawing/image making.

As well as exploring a range of practical drawing techniques, you'll also be encouraged to reflect on yours and others’ work through group discussions. This element of the course is intended to help you experience the benefit of talking about your creative processes, in order to gain confidence and aid progress. There will also be the opportunity to discuss examples of work by historical and contemporary artists in relation to the topic covered each week. There is an option to attend the sessions as 'drop-ins'. Some materials will be provided.

Future dates: Thursday 14 May - Thursday 18 June 2020

For further details about the course and/or to book a place, please get in touch with me via the 'contact' page.